So it sounds like once again we’ll be descending digitally to Apple Park to hear all about new products from Tim Cook and the team. As per usual with Apple events, the rumour mill is in overdrive! Here is a quick look at what we might expect to be revealed.

The Obvious

Apple has already unveiled MacOS 11 Big Sur. The release date however remains to be confirmed. It’s likely that Apple will tell us the date they plan to release the update and it’s possible it may even release on the day of the event! The GM for developers and public beta testers is already available.

At WWDC Apple unveiled their plan to transition the Mac to their own customer designed Silicon. This means Apple will slowly but surely remove intel processors from the Mac lineup and the transition is expected to be complete by mid 2022. They also informed us that the first Apple Silicon Mac would ship before the end of 2020. With that in mind it seems like a dead cert that we can expect this to be announced at the event.

The Possible

In recent days a number of reports have come to indicate that Apple will be announcing a number of new Macs at the event, three to be exact. Bloombergs Mark Gurman has reported that Apple’s supply chain has begun production and assembly of these three products.

  • MacBook Air 13
  • MacBook Pro 13
  • MacBook Pro 16

Personally I’m taking this with a grain of salt as it seems quite the stretch for Apple to transition three machines over to Apple silicon in one fell swoop. Apple tends to treat these transitions with caution and consideration. But still, a possibility.

Also possible and in my view more plausible is that we’ll see a refresh for these three machines with just one of them using Apple Silicon. My money is on the MacBook Air.

The Outliers

AirTags! These things have been rumoured for nearly 18 months and despite reported sightings of animations in iOS, the Apple designed tracking tags remain elusive. Perhaps that’ll change at the event.

Also possible are the rumoured AirPods Studio, an over ear headphone designed to offer a pro level audio experience in a fully enclosed design. We’ve seen some alleged leaked images of the product but the authenticity of the images remains in question.

Wrap Up

So what do you think we’ll see announced on the 10th of November? Are you hoping for a different product to be announced? Perhaps that fabled redesign of the iMac? Let me know in the comments and if you follow me on instagram, don’t forget to turn on post notifications. It helps the blog out a ton 😁

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