Around 18 months ago I left my job at Apple to work for a smaller technology startup. And while I left Apple, Apple never really left me. My passion for the products, the culture, the values remains as strong today as it did back then.

When I started my new job I also started a technology blog called Pixel and Polygons. I wasn’t able to blog about technology while working for Apple for conflict of interest reasons. So I seized upon the opportunity to start writing and taking photos and sharing my experiences.

In those early days, I decided to cast the net wide and cover a wide spectrum of technology companies, products and services. I’d hoped to build a wide audience in doing so. But as time went on, my enthusiasm started to wane. I felt like I was putting out non-apple related content for the sake of it and just to tick boxes. But the passion wasn’t there.

I found that I was constantly creating content with an Apple focus purely because it was what I know and love. Pixel and Polygons had already become an Apple blog in all but name. Just masquerading as a tech blog. So I decided it was time to own my niche. Focus on making the content I love.

It feels freeing and liberating. My self imposed shackles are gone and I’m able to just make the blog what I think I always wanted it to be all along. Apple but from the perspective of somebody who actually worked there for almost a decade.

With that in mind welcome to AppleTLDR! If you followed me as Pixel and Polygons I hope you’ll continue to support my new direction. But understandably if an Apple site isn’t your thing, I respect that too.

Thanks for all of the support so far and I can’t wait for you to see the content that I create in the future.

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