On Saturday iOS developer and leaker ‘Dylankt’ claimed that Apple plans to add higher resolution 1080p FaceTime cameras to their rumoured upcoming MacBook Pro redesign. This wouldn’t be surprising given the pandemic continues to force many to work from home. As Rene Ritchie pointed out in a recent video (linked below), many customers outside of the tech bubble likely hadn’t considered how poor the exisiting 720p cameras are that sit inside the current generation of Apple notebooks.

I hope this partiuclar rumour turns out to be true and that Apple has taken notice. Clearly the existing cameras are inadequate in 2021 and the time is nigh for Apple to do something about that. I anticipate more and more of us will choose to work remotely even beyond the pandemic and Apple needs to provide tools sufficient to enable us to do that if they want our money.


Image: Tianyi Ma via Unsplash

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