Amid a number of lawsuits against various developers such as Epic Games, Apple has been fighting a case against Blix, the developers behind the app ‘BlueMail’. Apple made a decision to remove the software from the App Store a couple of years ago on the basis of violating the developer guidlines for the App Store.

Blix filed the suit having claimed Apple manipulates searh results in favour of their own first party apps. Along with accusations of biased search results. The embattled developer is also accusing Apple of violating a number of patents linked to ‘Sign in with Apple’, iMessage and other core communication technologies.

The case was tossed out but Blix refiled and has lost the case for a second time. Apple said in a statement:

“Blix, a member of the Coalition for App Fairness and frequent complainer to press and regulators, alleged false conspiracy theories and anti-competitive claims against Apple. The court correctly rejected these claims and threw out Blix’s case. This case demonstrates that Apple has consistently acted legally by introducing its own innovative products and features that promote competition.”

Statement provided to 9to5 Mac

This is an important victory for Apple in its argument against antitrust accusations but there is still a long way to go.


Image: Apple UK

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