Earlier today Apple released updates to the beta software release for HomePod and HomePod Mini. The release follows numerous reports from HomePod owners of their speaker being rendered permanently bricked when updating to the previous version of the beta.

The update can’t be easily downloaded by either developers or the general public as Apple does not supply beta profiles that would initiate the download process. Instead, Apple uses an invite-only system. That being said it is still possible to gain access to the software through illicit means but this is strongly ill-advised.

This serves as a cautionary tale when running beta software. It isn’t a finished product and any permanent damage caused to your Apple device due to running incomplete software is unlikely to be covered by an Apple warranty.

The new beta released today does not come with any detailed release notes or change logs. Nor is it clear if the issue from the previous beta has now been fixed.

Caution and common sense should be applied before running beta software.

*Update – The new software includes support for lossless audio on both HomePod and HomePod Mini

Courtesy of Apple.

Image: Ivan Bandura via Unsplash

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