According to the latest data from IDC, Mac sales grew 9.4% in the second financial quarter. This is perhaps unsurprising given the pandemic continues and along with it remote working.

Notably, units are up to 6.1 million for Q2 compared to 5.6 million for the year-ago quarter. The introduction of Apple silicon and the M1 chip may have played a role here. The new 24 inch iMac shipped at the start of Q3 so these figures don’t take into account pent up demand for the new desktop.

Data via IDC.

It’ll be interesting to see if this sales surge continues post-pandemic when consumers start returning to the office in higher numbers. Perhaps Apple will experience a sales boon towards the end of the year following the introduction of the rumoured M1X MacBook Pro and a larger iMac.


Image: AltumCode via Unsplash.

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