For those unfamiliar with Rockley Photonics, they’re one of the vast numbers of suppliers in Apple’s huge supply chain. As it turns out Apple is their largest customer. The supplier today announced a new specialised health sensor stack called a Spectrophotometer on a chip.

Rockley is referring to the chip as a comprehensive “clinic on the wrist”. The sensor module is said to combine numerous functions to measure things like body temperature, glucose levels, hydration, blood alcohol, blood pressure, stress levels and beyond.

Our full-stack sensor solution, which brings together optical and electronic hardware, firmware, algorithms, and cloud-based analytics, is an exciting milestone on our roadmap. Our reference designs will significantly aid our customers and partners with the deployment of our technology and accelerate their own scalable, high-volume product delivery

Rockley Tectonics via twitter

This is hugely exciting and promises a major upgrade in health tracking functionality for Apple Watch. I recall at the time of the release of the product that Apple had hoped to ship the original product with various health sensors but they just weren’t ready for mainstream products. Now it seems the tide is turning and the technology is rapidly advancing to commercial readiness.


Featured image: Daniel Korpai via Unsplash

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