The Redmond tech giant today unveiled Windows 365. It enables you to run a full version of the Windows operating system on just about any device including iPad with full support for Apple Silicon on Mac.

The service is designed with business users in mind and recreates an experience akin to Xbox with Xcloud. A virtual PC is created in the cloud and is fully customisable. It’s possible to configure the machine in various ways such as choosing how much RAM and storage you would like the system to run.

The new platform is built with the firms Azure cloud computing network and enables remote management by IT infrastructure in larger organisations. For now, the service is business only but I’d imagine in time and subject to how smoothly the service rolls out, that consumer availability will arrive eventually.

This would be a great option as a workaround for folks running a Mac on Apple silicon (provided you have a network connection). Microsoft has yet to release a viable ARM version of Windows for general release to enable support for Bootcamp on Apple silicon. This might be the best that we’re going to get on Mac for some time.

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