Apple hired Kevin Lynch several years ago from Adobe to work on the development of the Apple Watch software experience. You might be familiar with his work thanks to annual appearances at Apple’s developer conference WWDC.

A new report from Business Insider states that Lynch is due to take on a pivotal role in the development of the car project, internally referred to as ‘Titan’. Another hire of Apple’s in recent years is John Giannandrea from Google who is currently overseeing the car project according to internal sources. Long time Apple veteran Bob Mansfield was originally attached to the project but took retirement in 2020.

Lynch is perhaps most famous for his work on Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite. Notably, Lynch famously railed against Apple during the ‘thoughts on flash era’ while still employed by Adobe. Clearly, he lost the argument to Jobs, was hired by Apple and the rest as they say is history.

Kevin Lynch, WWDC 2021

The former adobe staffer is a very talented and respected software architect and it’s telling that Apple is leveraging his experience for the car project. Perhaps that famous ‘2-second’ interaction UI paradigm for Apple Watch will play a pivotal role in the car experience. Time will tell!

As for the car itself, we’re still many years away from seeing the project make it to consumers. Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be a long and bumpy road!


Featured Image: Carles Rabada via Unsplash

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