It’s been a while now since Apple updated the iPad Mini but that looks set to change in the next few months. Chance Miller for 9to5 Mac stated:

Apple is planning to use the A15 chip inside the new iPad mini, just like the new iPhones expected to be released later this year. The A15 chip will use the same 5-nanometer fabrication process as the A14, and our sources indicate Apple is also working on a more powerful A15X variant that could be used in other iPads down the line. The new iPad mini will also feature USB-C connectivity on the bottom, the sources say, similar to the iPad Pro and the latest iPad Air. This will open the iPad mini up to a wide array of peripherals and accessories beyond the Lightning connector that the current iPad mini uses. Finally, the redesigned iPad mini will also feature magnetic Smart Connector similar to the iPad Air and iPad Pro

Chance Miller

This is a really exciting rumour and I anticipate that if true, it will reignite sales for the smaller tablet in a big way. People love the design of the iPad Air and iPad Pro and bringing the design language and feature set to a compact iPad would be welcomed.

I currently own an M1 iPad Pro and I’d be sorely tempted by an iPad Mini with an updated design language. I imagine I won’t be alone either! The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is great for productivity and content consumption. But there isn’t any getting around the fact that it’s a heavy device for prolonged use while curled up on the sofa!


Featured Image: Daniel Romero via Unsplash

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