Apple is granted patents all the time and often these features may never make it into a consumer device. However, from time to time certain patent filings can be of particular interest. Today the tech giant was granted a patent for a ‘dynamic focus 3D display’ thought to be linked to the long rumoured Apple AR/VR headset.

According to the filing, Apple states that a VR system can display stereoscopic images to create depth perception. A CPU can dynamically adjust the content using machine learning in real-time to create the impression that the user is actually moving within the environment.

The system combines VR and AR elements and Apple notes that typical VR/AR systems can suffer from ‘accommodation-convergence’ which leads to symptomatic problems for the user (think nausea, headaches and motion sickness).

With this new patent, Apple aims to overcome the problems that users typically experience when using existing VR and AR systems and that’s a huge win. It could potentially make VR and AR more accessible to a wider variety of users who can’t adapt to existing solutions.


Featured image: Patrick Schneider via Unsplash

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