For some time now Windows has been susceptible to a particular time of Malware called ‘Formbook info stealer. Unfortunately, this has now been ported and modified to run on a macOS environment.

Referred to as ‘Xloader’, the malware is designed to steal sensitive data such as login details, execute other file types, steal images and even capture screenshots. Perhaps its most dangerous functionality is its ability to log keystrokes.

It’s possible for criminals to actually purchase servers to distribute this software. What makes this more disturbing is this is actually a paid subscription for criminals! At $49 per month, a criminal can choose to pay to access the malware via the internet.

As the macOS platform has grown in popularity in recent years it has become and more attractive and lucrative target for criminals. In years past it wasn’t worthwhile investing the time, money and energy into developing Mac malware but sadly things have changed.

The best way to check for the presence of this malware on your Mac is to look in the LaunchAgents folder. If you notice unusual filenames or other types of unfamiliar data it is highly recommended you delete it. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing it would be best to contact Apple Support.


Featured image: Max Bender via Unsplash

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