According to a report from Fast Technology via Apple Insider, Apple plans to add 25W charging speeds to the next iPhone.

The report sounds sketchy at best and references anonymous second-hand sources. It goes on to say that select models of the upcoming iPhone 13 series will support the faster-charging feature but not the entire range.

Apple overhauled its charging solutions last year with the introduction of MagSafe. Image: Brandon Romanchuk via Unsplash.

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, the company made a big point of removing chargers from the box. At the same time, a 20W charger was introduced as a separate purchase for customers that wanted to buy one. The 20W charger also enables MagSafe wireless chargers to perform at peak charging speed.

Given how recently Apple released these new chargers and the incremental increase in wattage to 25 up from 20, this report sounds questionable at best. The difference in charging speed would be marginally faster than present speeds and hardly a change wave.


Featured Image: Mikey Wu via Unsplash

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