Today Apple released beta 4 for the next major release of each of its software platforms. Here is a summary of any newly discovered features.

iOS 15 beta 4

  • Updates to the safari design including adding the share button back to the address bar
  • Added a reload webpage button next to the web address in the address bar
  • If you long-press on the address bar, you can now choose to show bookmarks
  • A dedicated reader icon automatically appears in the address bar when browsing a supported site
  • Support for the new MagSafe battery pack has been added in beta 4. This follows support being added to the public release of iOS 14.7
  • A new notification icon has been added in the system settings app
  • Other new glyphs have been added including a slight refinement to the camera icon on the lock screen
  • You can now choose to share photo memories from the photos app. You can choose a different song if Apple Music won’t allow sharing with the previously selected track due to copyright reasons.
  • The new focus feature that acts similarly to profile on Android now has built-in functionality that lets to share your focus status

iPadOS 15 beta 4

In addition to the changes introduced in iOS 15 beta 4:

  • Safari on iPad adds the new integrated tabs into the web address bar as can be found on macOS Monterrey
  • Users can change to the old tab style in the settings app under safari

macOS Monterrey beta 4

  • Universal control is now available
  • The recently announced live text feature will now be available on Intel based Macs. Previously this was announced just for machines running Apple silicon but Apple has now added support to older systems

tvOS 15 Beta 4

As with watchOS beta 4, no additional features have been discovered at this time. Release notes when available will likely reveal a variety of bug fixes

watchOS 8 beta 4

No notable new features have been discovered in Beta 4 of watchOS 8 however numerous bugs have been fixed. Release notes are not currently available.

Have you discovered any new features in the new releases? Let me know in the comments!


Featured image: David Grandmougin via Unsplash

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