Earlier today the Apple online store went down temporarily. This usually happens when the company plans to release new products or make major changes to the featured section of the store. Following yesterday’s release of stand-alone Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for Mac, it seems Apple had other plans.

After the site went back online, visitors were greeted with an all-new design. The new design starts with a ‘store’ tab that has been added to the navigation bar of the website. This puts the storefront and centre on Apple.com.

The layout of the new store features a strong resemblance to the Apple Store app. Products are featured in a nest carousel across the banner area. Horizontal scrolling features heavily with features products taking up large tiles.

I like the new design although it does seem to be optimised more for iOS and touch. Perhaps Apple’s data shows that most visitors to the site are on mobile in which case the change makes a lot of sense.


Featued image: Bryan Low via Unsplash

In-line images: Apple.com via Macrumors

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