Following yesterdays release of developer beta 5 of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and tvOS15, Apple has now released beta 5 for the rest of its platforms. There are no release notes available for these updates at the time of publishing for either watchOS 8 or macOS Monterrey. Numerous bugs will have no doubt been fixed in addition to the introduction of security patches.

In the last week, Apple has started to email customers who have previously joined public betas with open invitations to join the current beta cycle. Clearly, Apple feels confident that the current betas are stable enough for all but the most mission-critical use cases.

There were some reports that various banking apps weren’t functioning correctly on the fourth beta of iOS and iPadOS 15 but this appears to have been largely fixed. Still, if you rely on your device for your banking needs or other important productivity workflows it’s recommended that you stay on the public release for now.

Apple will likely release the final version of these major updates in September or potentially October. This will likely depend on when it chooses to ship its news (as of yet unannounced) iPhone and Mac models.


Featured image: Alex Bachor via Unsplash

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