TrendForce, a Taiwanese analytics and research firm has made several claims about the next iPhone in a report published today. According to the report, the new phone will ship with an energy-efficient modem that supports mmWave 5G in a wider variety of countries. The iPhone 12 offers support for mmWave but only for the U.S. version of the phone.

In addition to this, the report claims that the next chip for the iPhone will be based on the same 5nm technology as the A14 but it is expected to be more power-efficient, much like the new modem.

Furthermore, the report goes on to anticipate the pricing of the new devices. The consensus is that pricing should remain fairly stable given that the design and certain components will remain the same as the iPhone 12 series. This of course assumes that Apple can maintain a steady supply chain and that the cost of new parts is reasonable.


Featured image: Isaac Martin via Unsplash

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