On the same day that the EU has proposed legislation that would force Apple to scrap the Lightning connector, FCC filings first spotted by Macrumors show that Apple may already have a solution to this. For the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has integrated 60.5Ghz wireless technology. It enables data transfer to take place via magnetic inductive charging solutions. The charger would also need to have a corresponding 60.5Ghz module inside it but the wireless charging user experience remains the same. Place the device on the wireless charger and both charging and data transfer occur simultaneously.

As it stands it doesn’t sound like Apple is planning to release a new peripheral for the Apple Watch Series 7 for customers to take advantage of this technology. Instead, Apple will likely use it internally for repairs and restoring software. But it does mean that the proprietary service port hidden on older Apple Watch models is likely now obsolete. It remains to be seen if the new Watch will still feature the port.

60.5Ghz can enable theoretical data transfer speeds that are equivalent to USB 2.0 standards. This would place it in line with the speeds that can be achieved via a Lightning connector. I don’t have the data to support this but I’d imagine at this point the average consumer never uses a cable to transfer data from their phone anymore. Most of us are using iCloud other cloud-based solutions. However, for people that still want this capability to use with accessories such as cameras, external drives or just want to transfer data between their phone and computer, Apple may have found a solution without having to adopt USB C in the iPhone against its wishes.


Featured image via Apple.

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