Thanks so much to everyone for your patience while I’ve taken a break the past few weeks. I’m happy to say Apple TLDR is back! The reason I’ve been away for a while is that I experienced an injury to my wrist and the right side of my hand. The injury has (temporarily) affected my mobility. It’s meant that typing for extended periods could be quite painful. And even holding relatively light objects such as a camera or even a smartphone has been impractical. This has been hugely inconvenient for me in creating content, for my readers and followers who consume my content and even caused major difficulties with my day job (which is based around computers!).

I’m recovering gradually but I’m now in a position to start creating content again, writing again and engaging with other creators in my niche. A huge thank you to everyone that has stuck with me! Small content creators don’t have the luxury of having editors or staff of any kind to pick up the slack. And that’s why supporting small creators even when they need to take a break is so important. I don’t take your support for granted and I’m excited for the future of Apple TLDR. 2021 has been a great year following the rebranding of the site and I know 2022 will be even greater as I expand to other platforms including YouTube.

Now that I’m back I’d love to hear more about the kinds of content you want to see from me moving forward. What platforms do you prefer? Is there a particular style of content you like? I’d be super greatful for your input in the comments section below.

I just want to finish by saying thanks again everyone for your ongoing support. It’s never taken for granted and always appreciated. I’m comitted to making Apple TLDR the best place for Apple fans around the world 🙌


Featured image: Đức Trịnh @duc154 for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

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