Spotify has launched its annual ‘Spotify Wrapped 2021’ and users have enjoyed sharing their insights on social media. Apple offers a similar feature called ‘Apple Music Replay’. In a similar fashion to Spotify, the feature set includes a recap of your most listened to tracks, artists, playlists, albums and more.

You may not be aware that Apple Music Replay is available all year round, not just at the end of the year. However, to access it you’ll need to leave the music app and head over to in your web browser. Go ahead and sign in with your Apple ID linked to your Apple Music account and you will be able to access Replay.

Unfortunately due to this feature being implemented via the browser rather than in the app, it isn’t as simple to share your insights and stats to social media platforms. However, you can share playlists and tracks from Apple Music directly to Instagram and Snapchat stories. To do this navigate to the track you or playlist you want to share, tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select the share button. From the share sheet simply choose your preferred app.

Would you like to see Apple integrate Replay into the Music app and offer more sharing options? Or are there other features you hope to see Apple include in updates to Apple Music? Leave a comment below!

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