Today Mark Gurman from Bloomberg published a new edition of his Power On Newsletter and has stated that various Mac models will receive major upgrades this year. In particular, a new MacBook Air with M2 is expected with an all-new design.

Gurman states that the M2 chip will be faster than the M1 chip albeit a marginal improvement. Where it will shine is said to be in power consumption. The M2 will offer even more power savings when compared to the M1 and should allow the new MacBook Air to get even thinner or simply last even longer than the current generation. The report points to improved graphics with a 9 or 10 core GPU (the 9 likely being a binned down version) and an 8 core CPU akin to the M1.

The design of the MacBook Air is said to take cues from the colourful iMac that launched in mid-2021 and offer improved displays with narrower bezels. And much like the new MacBook Pro, the new Air is likely to have a camera notch. Earlier rumours from Gurman point to white bezels which would also match the 2021 iMac. But given the notch, the white bezels remain questionable given how intrusive this might appear when watching video content. And keep in mind the Air is not a pro machine and will be used by many for content consumption in addition to day to day productivity.

In his report, Gurman also discusses updates to the Mac Pro which is said to come with a 40 core CPU and a 128 Core GPU. Possibly by combining four M1 Max chips into a single dye. Furthermore, the Mac mini may be offered with the M1 Pro and perhaps even the M1 Max. That would be ideal for users that want Pro-level performance but don’t need portability or the extreme performance of the alleged new Mac Pro.

Are you planning to upgrade to a new Mac this year? If so which one? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Featured image: Isaac Martin via Unsplash

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