Apple celebrates the first year of Apple silicon. Their first custom-designed chip for the Mac, the M1, shipped at the end of 2020. And to celebrate the first anniversary of Apple Silicon, the tech giant has gifted its engineers with a commemorative M1 T-Shirt. The T-Shirt came with a thank you note to celebrate the overwhelming success of the chip.

“Every so often, something comes along that changes everything. Congratulations and thank you for helping make Apple M1 possible!”

Andy Boretto, Apple via Twitter

The above note together with an image of the shirt was shared by one of Apple’s senior chip engineers, Andy Boretto. Boretto also added that he was proud to have assisted Apple in the transition not only from Intel to Apple Silicon but also the previous transition from Power PC to Intel in the mid-2000’s.

Andy Boretto, Apple via Twitter.

Apple is understandably proud of Apple Silicon. The new chips have received universal praise and it seems that the company is just getting started. The recently released M1 Pro and M1 Max chips found in the new MacBook Pro offer extraordinary performance but with significantly less power draw. Furthermore, they allow the MacBook Pro to operate quietly, without overheating and while offering comparable or better performance than the equivalent PC laptop chips.

We’ll likely see more Apple Silicon products in the months ahead including perhaps the successor to the M1 chip with M2. And possibly a new class of M1 chip scaled up for the rumoured redesign of the Mac Pro. It’s an exciting time to be a Mac user! Is there a future model of Mac that you’re waiting for? Or are you waiting for Apple to upgrade some of the existing Apple Silicon machines to M2 before upgrading? Let me know in the comments.

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