Another day, another Apple prototype leaked into the wild. This time the MagSafe battery prototype leaked thanks to some tweets from @archiveinternal. The tweets reveal images of what appears to be either a prototype or pre-production version of Apple’s MagSafe battery accessory that the tech giant released in 2021.

This particular prototype is intriguing as the design while similar uses notably different materials to the product that was released to the public. The device is encased in a glossy plastic shell, akin to Apple’s Magic Mouse. It would also appear that the material on the inner side of the accessory is somewhat different to the sealed rubber on the shipping product.

The MagSafe battery pack features a charging indicator on the bottom of the device next to the lightning connector for charging. On the prototype, the charging indicator is located on the inner side. Not the most useful location as it means you can’t see the charging status while the accessory is attached to an iPhone for charging. Perhaps that’s why Apple chose to change the design.

This won’t be the first time or the last time that one of Apple’s prototypes are leaked into the wild. Across 2021 various pre-production devices made their way online including a fully functional AirPower prototype and an Apple Watch that features additional connectors.


Featured image: rights belong to AppleTLDR

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