Under-screen Face ID for iPhone 14? According to a new leak on Twitter, Apple will be moving Face ID below the display on the next iPhone. Corroborating previous rumours that Apple plans to move to a hole punch design for at least the iPhone 14 Pro, new leaks suggest Apple reaffirm the notion that the Face ID sensors will be moving under the display.

A reliable leaker on Twitter, DylanDKT, put out some tweets this morning in support of information from analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman.

I am able to corroborate information regarding a hole punch camera for the pro models of the iPhone 14. Face ID hardware will be placed under the display. As a reassurance to any concerns, the functionality of these sensors have not been negatively affected by this change.

DylanDKT via Twitter

I tend to treat leaks in general with a healthy dose of scepticism. And an even larger dose when said leaks come via Twitter. That being said DylanDKT has a relatively decent track record. They accurately revealed details of several of Apple’s 2021 Mac lineup such as the 24 inch iMac and the redesigned MacBook Pro. So with that in mind todays leaks do have some weight behind them.

A render from Jon Prosser and RendersByIan that illustrates what the iPhone 14 might look like.

It’s no secret that Apple’s long term design ambition for the iPhone is a fully sealed, seamless design with few if any mechanical features. Just a simple piece of glass without ornamentation. And moving Face ID below the display is the next logical step in achieving that goal. Will it be this year with the iPhone 14 series? Who knows. But I think this rumour is a case of when it happens and not if it happens.

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