According to the latest information from 9to5Mac, it would appear that Apple has decided to scrap the rumoured glass back coming to the next iPad Pro. Their sources suggest the reason for the change of heart is related to durability concerns and the potential for mechanical failure. Hardly surprising given the size of Apple’s larger tablets. That would be lots of glass surfaces with the potential for impact damage and expensive repairs.

What’s more interesting is the claim that Apple has developed prototype models with a glass Apple logo instead. A large glass Apple Logo would enable wireless charging (presumably using MagSafe) which is far less efficient through metal. But reducing the glass area to the logo would have the benefit of reducing the total amount of glass embedded in the rear housing.

MagSafe wireless charger for iPhone. Brandon Romanchuk via Unsplash.

The report goes further and alleges that Apple is introducing much stronger magnets when compared to smaller devices such as the iPhone and AirPods. That makes sense taking into account the size and weight of an iPad and should mitigate the risk of accidental damage. And the iPad is said to support even faster-charging speeds over MagSafe when compared to the iPhone.

Take all of the above with a pinch of salt. Apple will likely ship a new iPad Pro this year and the design will have been set in stone for a while now. Any major changes to the design would not be decided at such short notice unless Apple plans to delay the launch. But what do you think? Would you like to see wireless charging for the iPad? Or do you think this is a gimmick on a tablet form factor? Sound off in the comments!


Featured image: Daniel Romero via Unsplash

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