First it will, then it won’t. There have been many contradictory rumours that point towards ProMotion coming to the entire iPhone 14 line. Or not as the case may be. As it stands ProMotion (Apple’s marketing term for a high refresh rate 120hz display) remains available only on Pro Devices. That includes the iPhone 13 Pro, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. But it is entirely absent from non-pro devices including the standard iPhone 13.

The well-known display analyst Ross Young has stated on Twitter that ProMotion will not be included in the standard iPhone 14.

BOE as referenced in Young’s tweet is a supplier of LPTO OLED displays. Young claims that they will produce displays for the standard iPhone 14. But as suggested by his tweet these will not be 120hz panels. As it stands Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro includes panels made by Samsung but using Apple-designed schematics.

Current information suggests that Apple will continue its tradition of releasing four iPhone models. But this year the display sizes are likely to be 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for both the standard iPhone 14 models as well as the iPhone 14 Pro models. It seems the rumours that the mini iPhone will be scrapped this year are true. This is said to be due to relatively poor sales when compared to the other models in the lineup.

Do you think ProMotion should move down the line to Apple’s “Non-Pro” devices? Or should it remain exclusive to the higher-end models? Sound off in the comments!


Featured image: Nubelson Fernandes via Unsplash

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