No that isn’t a typo. Apple’s play on grammar i.e. ‘Peek Performance’ is wilfully symbolic. Intended to give us a peek into Apple’s future plans perhaps? We’re likely to see numerous product announcements at the event today but Apple’s invitation might be hinting that we’ll see at least one product announcement without a defined launch date. Let’s round up the rumours and look at what we might expect to see. This is your Apple Event Preview.

iPhone SE 3

For over a year now there have been reports of a third-generation iPhone SE. From wild suggestions of an iPhone XR style design minus Face ID to more conservative rumours that Apple will retain the current design. And it does seem that the latter is what Apple has landed on. The new iPhone SE will likely hold onto the current design but with significant internal upgrades. Specifically, the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 for blazing performance and a 5G modem for significantly enhanced download speeds.

The likely design of the iPhone SE third generation

If the recent rumours are true regarding the chip and 5G connectivity, let’s hope Apple has worked some magic in the battery department. The second-generation SE is not known for its battery prowess. But if Apple can deliver this package of features and retain the current price, the device will sell exceptionally well. And there are of course rumours that the second generation SE might stick around at an all-time low price for an iPhone…

iPhone 13 Colours

Last year Apple added a new purple colour option for the iPhone 12. While the device was identical to all other colour variants, the new colour was an instant hit. And it seems Apple is hoping to repeat that success with a new green iPhone 13. A last-minute report from YouTuber Luke Miani suggests as such and includes the render shown below.

iPad Air

It’s been a while since Apple last updated the iPad Air. And this year’s update is likely to focus on bringing it in line with the rest of the iPad line. We can expect to see the addition of 5G wireless connectivity, camera upgrades and the addition of an LED flash, the introduction of centre stage, Apple’s widescreen video call feature that tracks moving subjects and a faster chip.

In a report that just came out, it sounds like Apple may be adding the M1 chip to the iPad Air. The M1 is also found in the iPad Pro. This is surprising as rumours had up until now pointed to Apple using the A15 chip found in the iPhone 13 and iPad Mini. But given the larger size of the Air, perhaps Apple wants to provide it with a bigger upgrade. Especially as the Air doesn’t receive as frequent updates as other iPad models. Though the use of the M1 chip would remove almost all differentiation from the iPad Pro aside from ProMotion and Mini LED display technology (at least until the Pro is updated later this year). Finally, we should see some new colour options to match the iPad Mini, including a new purple.

Mac Studio

Various rumours have pointed to Apple creating a ‘Pro’ variant of the Mac Mini. Something that sits somewhere between the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. But there was also a rumour of a smaller Mac Pro. In a second last-minute leak from Luke Miani, it would seem that these are not two separate devices. Instead, Apple has created a new Mac category, the Mac Studio. The renders below, also courtesy of Miani, describe a device that could easily fit most office spaces but with a thermal design and presumably the internals that could supplant the need for a Mac Pro for many users.

There is conflicting information regarding the chip and configurations that the Mac Studio will ship with. Some have suggested that it will feature the M2 chip, Apple’s second-generation silicon for the Mac. But that seems unlikely as the M1 chip is positioned as an entry-level chip (albeit a great one) with lower CPU and GPU core counts and lower clock speeds. It’s likely the M2 will build on the performance of M1 with higher clock speeds but will retain the same CPU and CPU core counts as the M1. It is much more likely that the Mac Studio will ship with the much faster M1 Pro and M1 Max that debuted in the 2021 MacBook Pro. Both of which offer higher core counts for both the CPU and GPU and offer a variety of configuration options. The M2 chip is highly unlikely to come even close to the performance levels of the M1 Pro and M1 Max which make them a much better candidate for this class of product.

Studio Display

It’s been a while since Apple has offered a consumer/prosumer grade display. Apple currently only makes and sells one display, the ProDisplay XDR. But it is not intended for the average consumer or even most professionals. It is a highly specialised display designed to deliver cinema-accurate colour reproduction and industry-grade brightness and luminosity. And its price tag reflects that at over $5000/£5000. But Apple is finally going to address this by offering its first display for the masses in many years. Enter the ‘Apple Studio Display’.

According to Gurman, the new display will contain an Apple A-series chip and run iOS.

In yet more information released by Miani, Apple is about to release an all-new display based on the design of the 24-inch iMac. The so-called ‘Studio Display’ will be a 27-inch monitor with slightly thicker bezels than the Pro-Display XDR. It will also be based on LED technology, rather than the more expensive technology, Mini-LED. But it should sport a high resolution, likely 5K and offer a pleasing wide colour gamut and brightness/contrast levels. Pricing is not known but estimates suggest around £999/$99 which would bring it in line with Apple displays of old such as the now obsolete, Thunderbolt display.

Other Apple Event tidbits

In addition to new hardware, we should get a release date (if not a full-blown release) of iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterrey 12.3.

  • iOS 15.4 includes many new features including the APIs for the new ‘Tap to Pay’ feature, support for Face ID while wearing a mask, many new emoji characters and new safety features for AirTag.
  • iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterrey 12.3 add support the highly anticipated new feature, Universal control. It allows you to drag your cursor and files across devices and enables multiple Macs and iPads to be controlled with a single mouse and keyboard.

Finally, we will likely see an array of new accessories including spring colours for iPhone 13 cases and Apple Watch bands. The colours of which have already leaked as shown below.

What do you hope to see announced at the Apple event? Drop a comment down below!

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