iPhone 14 Pro leaks

Thanks to Max Weinbach, we may now have the most concrete and reliable information related to the iPhone 14 Pro series to date. The leaker has shared what they claim to be schematics of the next iPhone Pro models. Notable changes include a marginally thicker chassis to accommodate the even larger camera system. The camera bump has increased in each dimension relative to the iPhone 13 Pro series.

The schematics support the recent leaks surrounding Apple’s plans for the notch. In the schematics, the notch has been replaced with a pill+hole punch cutout as previously reported. It’s also worth pointing out that schematics stand in stark contrast to the information previously shared by Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech. Prosser claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro would feature a flush camera system. But if anything the opposite appears to be true.

Services outages

On Monday Apple suffered a major outage that impacted many of its services. It was relatively short-lived with most affected services back online within a couple of hours. Unfortunately for Apple, a second major outage occurred today, the 22nd of March. This outage was shorter still and seemed to be resolved within a matter of half an hour.

It isn’t clear what caused these outages. But it does unusual that they occurred in such close proximity to one another. Apple doesn’t comment on services outages or their cause for security reasons. Sometimes a representative may make a more general comment or offer an apology to customers that were affected. But it isn’t often that they confirm causation.

It’s hard not to wonder if this might be related to cyber-attacks. Particularly given the current political climate and Apple’s recent decision to pause its business in Russia. But until Apple confirms as such, this is merely speculation. Hopefully, these issues are now resolved for the foreseeable future.

New tools for podcast creators

Apple announced a new suite of features for podcast creators on its platform. The new tools will make it easier for creators to view detailed analytics. For example, you’ll now be able to see and measure the number of new followers over a customisable timeline, see average listening time and the number of followers gained or lost over a given date range.

Image – Apple

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