New iPad Air features battery pull tabs for easy repairs

The team at iFixit has completed their teardown of Apple’s new 5th generation iPad Air. And along the way, they have made the discovery that Apple is once again using pull tabs for quicker, easier battery replacements. That’s a big win for consumers and a welcome change from the glued-down batteries of the past.

The reason this is notable is that Apple has been heading on a trajectory to easier repairs in recent product releases. This is just the latest product to feature battery pull tabs, following the lead of the iPhone. And of course, with Apple’s new self-service repair program, the Cupertino tech giant seems to be turning over a new leaf (pun intended).

Apple’s ‘Prehistoric Planet’

Apple TV+ has announced an epic new series called Prehistoric Planet. The project is a collaboration with the BBC and their Natural History unit. The 5 part series is being narrated by legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough and executive produced by John Favreau.

The series has a huge budget and will deliver cutting-edge visuals to bring Dinosaurs to life in a way never before seen in a TV series. The visuals were created in partnership with the Moving Picture Company, the firm famous for its CGI in Disney’s The Lion King and The Jungle Book. The show premiers on the 23rd of May for Apple TV+ subscribers.

Under Display Face ID for iPhone….16?

As first reported by AppleInsider, it seems that Apple does indeed plan to put Face ID under the display of a future iPhone. Just don’t expect it to arrive for quite some time. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reaffirmed an earlier report from Mark Gurman that the technology is unlikely to be ready to ship until 2024.

In the interim, we’re likely to see Apple continue to reduce the size of the notch by using cutouts such as a pill or circular hole punch (perhaps both). But for folks hoping to see Apple completely banish the notch anytime soon, you’ll have a long wait.

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