Information today shared by MacRumors suggests changes are imminent for the iPhone 14 Pro and Apple continues with its plan to deprecate and ultimately discontinue macOS Server.

More rounded corners for iPhone 14 Pro?

New renders created and shared by concept artist Ian Zelbo show that the design of the iPhone 14 Pro has been refined. Zelbo has extrapolated data from the existing alleged schematics of the device, CAD files and production moulds and inferred the design changes from the camera bump. The larger camera bump according to Zelbo will inform the corner radii of the iPhone 14 Pro. More rounded corners coming to the iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro front compared.
iPhone 13 Pro left, iPhone 14 Pro right
iPhone 14 Pro rear and iPhone 13 pro rear compared.
iPhone 14 Pro camera array left, iPhone 13 Pro camera array right

The camera bump of the iPhone 14 Pro closely matches the softer corners of the device. And as per existing rumours, on the front of the iPhone 14 Pro, we can see the camera cutouts destined to replace the notch. The bezels are also slimmed down further when compared with the iPhone 13 Pro by 20% as per existing rumours.

macOS server discontinued

For several years Apple has been in the process of discontinuing its stand-alone macOS server software platform. The company has deprecated features over the last few years. Apple has now built many features directly into macOS or supplanted them entirely with third-party alternatives. In a support document released today, Apple has confirmed the discontinuation of the software permanently.

The final version of the app to receive a release is the new version 5.12.2. For users affected by the discontinuation of macOS server, Apple has provided a handy table that outlines alternatives and the various options available.


Featured image: Jeremy Bezanger via Unsplash

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