If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you’ll already have seen the news that I’m off to WWDC22 🎉 I was fortunate to have been selected by Apple as a registered developer to attend on June 6th. Those interested in attending were able to apply for a ticket between May 9-11th. I was then selected to attend via a lottery system. And that’s awesome! However right now in my home country, the UK, there is a massive backlog in processing passport applications. I’ve spent every non-working/waking moment trying to secure an emergency passport appointment over the last few days.

Like many people, I didn’t renew my passport when it expired earlier this year. I hadn’t planned on travelling so soon to be frank and had been reluctant to book anything for fear of last-minute covid related disruptions. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment for an instant passport replacement on the 26th of May 🤞


Given all the chaos and stress of trying to organise last-minute travel/time off work and so forth, I haven’t had the capacity to create as much content this past week. I work full time in the tech industry when I’m not running this site/generally obsessing over the latest Apple news. But what I’d really like to know is…

My plans

I’m intending to fly from London a few days before the event and spend some time in San Francisco. I’ll be heading to Cupertino on Sunday the 5th of June to pick up my WWDC22 pass from the Apple Park visitor centre. I’ll be arriving back at Apple Park for 9am sharp on the 6th of June ready for the event. After that? Well, I guess only Apple knows my itinerary for the rest of the day!

What I do know is…

Apple will be providing attendees with lunch and dinner in addition to snacks throughout the day. Developers will be able to watch the keynote and the State of the Union address live at Apple Park. And following that we’ll receive a tour of some of Apple’s facilities including their new developer centre. This isn’t my first rodeo at Apple Park, of course, having worked for Apple in Cupertino as an employee in the past. And assuming the viewing of the keynote takes place inside the Steve Jobs theatre, it won’t even be my first inside there either. But the new developer centre is intriguing. It wasn’t constructed when I was still an employee. And it is yet to be opened. I’ll look forward to sharing more, once I know more!

What content would you like to see from me at WWDC22?

I’m really keen to enjoy the experience of attending the event live. As a developer it will be amazing to connect with others in the industry. As a fan and former employee, it will be incredible to be back at Apple Park. And I want to bring you along for the journey. To help me to do that, I’d love to know what kinds of content/formats you’d like to see from AppleTLDR across different platforms. *One thing to note is that Apple won’t allow filming inside the event. Photography is all good.

Feel free to let me know either in the comments here on the site or over on my Twitter or Instagram account.

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