According to a new report from Macrumors, the new MacBook Air with M2 chip will go live for preorder on Friday, the 8th of July. The device is then expected to launch a week later on the 15th of July.

The report cites a source within the retail team. Typically retail employees don’t have access to that kind of data. But hints within employee-facing systems and inventory management processes can often shine a light on release dates.

The new MacBook Air comes with an all-new design, features a larger display and offers significant improvements to audio quality, battery life and performance. Expect preorder demand to be very high.

The AppleTLDR take

Macrumors is generally a pretty reliable outlet. And while retail sources are often pretty spot on with regards to product launch dates, do take this date with a pinch of salt. Apple will announce the date for preorders officially in due course.

Apple announces Community+

Apple has announced a new perk program for high-tier members of its support community. The online support community is a self-help platform for customers to seek answers and get assistance, often regarding unique, rare and complex issues. The solutions are suggested by members of the support community who are neither employed by nor directly affiliated with Apple.

Apple describes the new Community+ program as follows:

In the Apple Support Community, we recognize when a member’s positive attitude, expertise, and curiosity to explore new solutions make a big impact in our community. That’s why we created the global Apple Community+ program to honor and celebrate these members! Each year, we invite a small group of contributors from the highest levels of the community to join the program. It’s our way to say thank you and show our appreciation.

Apple Support

The perks as described by Apple are more than a little vague but do sound interesting.

“Apple Community+ program members share useful insights and endless knowledge, make everyone feel welcome, and inspire others through thoughtful collaboration—that deserves celebrating. That’s why we happily give these members access to special perks, white-glove experiences, and more. To keep the program offerings fresh and unique, invitations are limited.”

The AppleTLDR take

The demand for customer support in the technology industry can be extremely high. And the online support community plays a valuable role in helping Apple to gain a cost advantage. Customers that use the platform would otherwise have to get help directly from Apple. That of course leads to increased costs in both time and labour. It would be wise for Apple to recognise members of the support community for their efforts.

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