Larger. Must be the word of the day. According to the latest reports, we could see larger display options come to a variety of Apple products. Let’s dive in.

Apple Watch Series 8

Reliable DSCC analyst, Ross Young, the Apple Watch Series 8 could be coming in third case size. The new size according to young will measure in at 1.99 inches diagonally.

Ross Young, Twitter

This would represent a size increase of around 5%. Furthermore, Macrumors reports that they have seen an investor note reiterating this. According to Macrumors, analyst Jeff Pu shared that Luxshare will be the sole supplier of a high-end variant of the Apple Watch. Presumably this new larger case size.

Larger iMac

In Sunday’s edition of Power On, Mark Gurman states that he expects to see a larger iMac at some point. Likely around the launch of the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips. Gurman believes that the combination of the Mac Studio or Mac Mini with a Studio Display does not address some customers’ needs.

Gurman believes that the 24-inch iMac will receive an upgrade to M3. But the larger iMac, perhaps branded as iMac Pro, will feature the more powerful M3 Pro and M3 Max. It isn’t clear what the display size might be, only that it will be considerably larger than the 24-inch model.

The AppleTLDR take

Some suggest that a larger Apple Watch display is a sign that the rumored ‘flat edge’ re-design is on the way. Perhaps a flattened design would enable a larger display by further shrinking the bezels.

For those unfamiliar, last year Jon Prosser, Gurman, and others, incorrectly predicted that the Series 7 would feature the aforementioned redesign. Since then, it has been theorized that perhaps the leakers were just a year ahead of schedule. I don’t buy it. I think the leak sources were simply inaccurate. Or at best, the sources saw scrapped prototypes. Apple regularly prototypes designs that never go through final validation testing. Though I’d be happy to be wrong, provided any redesign is as ergonomic/functional, as it is aesthetic.

In regards to the larger iMac, I think it’s likely we’ll see this materialize. But if it does ship with the M3 generation of Apple Silicon, we could still be 12-18 months away from seeing the machine debut.


Featured Image: Front Page Tech

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