As you’ll know if you’ve been a reader of AppleTLDR for a while now, it’s a one-person operation. Much like many creators, it’s just one person doing the writing, photography, design, editing and more. Unfortunately, that also means when I’m unwell or life gets in the way, there isn’t anybody to pick it up.

I had a short illness the past couple of weeks and some difficult family matters to attend to so the blog had to take a back seat. I’m really sorry about that and I know many of you will have wondered why I stopped writing for a while. To be clear I’m as committed to the site as ever but it can be tricky to maintain, along with my day job as a full-time Manager at a FinTech start-up.

Something that I haven’t shared before, but I think would be useful (perhaps helpful for other creators even), is that I’m also a carer. I look after my fantastic Grandad who has been living with Dementia for a number of years. This takes up a big chunk of my time and I think it’s important to share this. Many people are put off from creating content because of life commitments. And sometimes consistency just isn’t possible, it really isn’t. You have to prioritise. Be that your own health, your family, friends or your day job.

You could say I have three jobs with AppleTLDR. But I don’t see this as a job. It’s my passion. And I also don’t want this post to come across as complaining. I can assure you I’m very grateful for the things I have and the life I live. I entered my 30’s a couple of years back and have already had a great career working for some amazing tech companies, including 10 years at Apple. That I get to continue to explore my passion for technology with so many like-minded others is incredible.

Many creators will have challenges behind the scenes and for me, it’s a privilege to look after my family, work for a great FinTech firm, and also be a content creator. But as is the case for everyone, 24 hours in a day can only stretch so far.

Thanks for bearing with me. It’s good to be back! 😊

JB (aka AppleTLDR).

(P.S. Sorry about the crazy email chain last week. WordPress got a little trigger happy and imported a ton of demo content for themes I was experimenting with. All Fixed 😅)

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