Today a slew of new information, or rather speculation, has been shared regarding the iPhone 14 including an event date. And Apple has released a wave of new public releases for its various platforms.

iPhone 14

As reported by Macrumors, some analysts are expecting a price hike for the iPhone 14. As much as $100. This is perhaps unsurprising given the current economic climate. Inflation is at a record high in many parts of the world and the impacts of global events such as the Ukraine war are being felt everywhere. And of course, the ongoing impact of the pandemic on chip manufacturing can’t be ignored.

It’ll be interesting to see how Apple justifies a price increase on the standard iPhone 14. Many of the rumors suggest a more modest upgrade for the non-pro models.

Event Date

According to Mark Gurman, Apple intends to hold its iPhone event on Wednesday the 7th of September.

Apple Inc. is aiming to hold a launch event on Sept. 7 to unveil the iPhone 14 line, according to people with knowledge of the matter, rolling out the latest version of a product that generates more than half its sales.

Mark Gurman via Bloomberg

This would be an unusual choice but not unprecedented. Apple typically holds iPhone events on a Tuesday and much later in the month. Apple has occasionally held an iPhone event a little earlier in September but only avoids Tuesday if the date falls on the 11th (for obvious reasons).

The AppleTLDR take

The information on pricing may prove correct. But I can equally see prices remain steady on the base models. But in regards to the event date, this information seems a bit vague. Whenever I hear “according to people with knowledge of the matter” and no sources quoted, I assume the publication is protecting the source. Or that it has a level of doubt in the source. Probably both. My advice is to take this date with a pinch of salt.

More updates

In other news today, Apple released a minor update to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterrey. The updates include:

  • iOS 15.6.1
  • iPadOS 15.6.1
  • watchOS 8.7.1
  • macOS Monterrey 12.5.1

According to Apple, these updates include an important security fix that protects against some kernel vulnerabilities in WebKit. The vulnerabilities allow for the execution of arbitrary code.

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