In some conflicting reports today, different analysts have each shared contradictory information regarding the 3nm chips that may be destined for the next MacBook Pro. And if the iPhone 13 mini is indeed replaced by an iPhone 14 Max, it might still not bode well for sales.

3nm vs 5nm

As highlighted by Macrumors, a paywalled report by Digitimes claims that chip maker TSMC is getting ready to make 3nm chips. The chips will allegedly go into production this year and will make their way into MacBook models soon after. The models most likely to receive the chips are the 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro. Apple has already updated the rest of its MacBook line earlier in the year.

Contradicting this report, Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo claims that while the MacBook pro will indeed go into production this year, it may still have a 5nm chip.

The AppleTLDR take

The M2 chip is based on a 5nm architecture. If we look back to what Apple did with M1, they scaled the same platform up with increased core counts and memory bandwidth. The M1 Pro, M1 Mac and M1 Ultra were all based on the same primary technology found in M1. I think we can expect the same with the M2 Pro. It would be surprising if Apple were to deviate and choose an entirely different node architecture for the rest of the M2 family.

Mini or Max?

Yesterday it was reported that we might see the iPhone 14 mini after all. However in contrast to this reporting today, display analyst Ross Young claims that panels are in production for an iPhone 14 Max.

As shared by 9to5 Mac, Young believes that the iPhone 14 Max comprises just 19% of panel production. That compares with 28% for the 14 Pro Max and 26% respectively for the 14 and 14 Pro.


It’s perhaps unsurprising that we’re seeing conflicting information about a variety of products. That tends to be the case as we get closer to the launch period and interest naturally ramps up. Apple does tend to seed out incorrect rumours from time to time also to help track down leak sources. Particularly as we get closer to a launch phase.


Featured image: Laura Okel

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