It’s been another busy news cycle today in the Apple world. With less than a week to go now before Apple’s special event, we’re getting more and more ‘leaks’ by the day. Let’s examine some of today’s most notable updates.

iPhone 14 Plus?

For a while now we’ve had an inkling that Apple plans to abandon the 5.4″ display size for its standard iPhone 14. Instead Apple plans to offer a larger iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7″ display. That would give the regular iPhone 14 display size parity with the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max respectively. But it turns out Apple might be ditching the Max naming convention. At least for the standard iPhone 14.

A post on Twitter as shown below claims to depict an official case for the “iPhone 14 Plus”. It’s certainly plausible. Apple has used the Plus naming convention in the past and customers know it well. The Twitter user in question has also shared some accurate information in the past as noted by MacRumors. But this is definitely a rumor to take with a large pinch of salt. It would be very easy to photoshop and could just as easily be a fake knockoff case.

Pill or Punch?

Another piece of information that has been consistently reported, is that the iPhone 14 Pro will ditch the notch. It will be replaced with a pill shape cut out for the true depth camera and a hole punch for the FaceTime camera. And while today’s news doesn’t contradict that, it does provide some interesting insight into how Apple may plan to address the cutouts.

An anonymous tip-off was shared with MacRumors that claims that the cutouts appear as a single pill shape when the display is turned on. Apple will turn off the pixels between the two cutouts to create a symmetrical, unified shape. Further to this, the cutout area could dynamically change in size using pixel masking depending on the content being displayed.

Image via Macrumors

The AppleTLDR take

I think this rumor seems plausible. Apple does prefer to offer symmetrical designs where at all possible. They only tend to veer towards asymmetry where absolutely necessary. The iPhone 4’s antenna bands instantly spring to mind.

The iPhone 4’s antenna bands. Image via Apple.


In another interesting story from the last 24 hours, Apple’s chief of privacy, Jane Horvath, is departing the company after two years. Horvath is leaving for a new role with a law firm.

During her tenure, Horvath has been dealing with multiple important privacy topics. These include GPDR, CSAM detection, dealings with Apple’s case against Epic Games, and has spoken out against sideloading.

Horvath has even spoken on behalf of Apple at the Consumer Electronic Show, CES, and the RSA conference.

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