According to Evan Blass, a trusted source of Apple leaks, the tech giant is set to unveil an AR mixed-reality headset at WWDC in June. While some are skeptical about the product, others who have allegedly tried the headset have been “blown away” by it.

Major Headway on Hardware and Software

Blass’s source claims that Apple has made significant improvements to both the hardware and software of the mixed-reality headset. The source stated that they were initially underwhelmed by the capabilities of the AR headset, but the latest hardware and firmware have left them “blown away.” According to Blass’s follow-up tweet, “The leap they’ve made since [late last year] is giant. I was so skeptical; now I’m blown away in a ‘take my money’ kind of way.”

Previous Reporting from Bloomberg

Bloomberg reported back in March that Apple demoed the Reality Pro headset to executives during an internal event at Steve Jobs Theater. The AR headset has faced several delays over the years, but the latest reporting suggests that it’s on track to be unveiled at WWDC in June. While there is no official word from Apple on the matter, the rumors and leaks surrounding the mixed-reality headset have generated a lot of excitement among tech enthusiasts.

Will it be a Hit?

It’s difficult to predict whether or not Apple’s mixed reality headset will be a hit, but the early buzz surrounding the product is certainly positive. The mixed reality market is still in its infancy, but AR has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. With Apple’s reputation for quality and innovation, it’s possible that the mixed-reality headset could be the next big thing in the tech world.

iOS 17 to Feature a Journaling App


Apple’s upcoming operating system, iOS 17, is expected to introduce a new journaling app. As per a paywalled report from the Wall Street Journal, the app (codenamed Jurassic) will come pre-installed on all new iPhones. The app will enable users to track daily activities and thoughts, competing with other journaling apps like Day One. The feature is part of Apple’s efforts in the market for mental and physical health technology, which includes other apps like Health, Activity, and Mindfulness.

The Day One User Interface. Image via Day One.

Privacy-Respecting App

According to internal documents viewed by The Wall Street Journal, the app is designed to respect user privacy. The app will capture data from other Apple apps, but the analysis of a user’s day will take place on-device. Privacy and security will be central to the software’s design. On-device data is not transmitted or shared.

Day One Sherlocked

Paul Mayne, the founder of Day One, cited his concerns that his app is being “Sherlocked.” The term is used when Apple takes the functionality of popular third-party apps and integrates them into one of its own apps or operating systems. Mayne stated that the news was “the worst thing to hear” and that Apple had provided visibility and support to Day One after giving the app a design award in 2014. However, Mayne suspected in 2020 that Apple was building its app when the support ended.

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