We’ve been eagerly waiting for news about new Macs, desktop Macs in particular. And it seems that Apple has unintentionally confirmed that new Mac Desktops are on the way. Find My configuration files are showing identifiers for unreleased Macs, according to developer Nicolás Álvarez.

Unreleased Mac Desktops Found in Find My Configuration Files

Three unreleased, Mac desktops (presumably), Mac14,8, Mac14,13, and Mac14,14, were discovered in Apple’s Find My Network configuration file. These models won’t notify users when they’re left behind. Since only desktop Macs are listed in this file, it’s likely that the new models could be an updated 24” iMac, Mac Studio, or Mac Pro. However, 9to5 Mac reported that Apple may skip M2 to release an M3 iMac instead. That would suggest that the identifiers found in the Find My files are for the yet-to-be-unveiled Apple Silicon Mac Pro. Or perhaps an updated Mac Studio.

Apple’s Mac Studio. Image courtesy of Apple.

M3 or M2 MacBooks?

It’s been almost a year since Apple introduced M2 with the redesigned MacBook Air, and it seems logical to think that the next MacBooks will have M3. Some reports claim that there are new MacBooks coming soon, but they’ll keep the M2 chip instead of getting M3. However, sources heard by 9to5Mac and Macrumors claim that the new MacBooks will feature M3. Keep in mind that prior to the release of the M2 MacBook Air at WWDC, many thought that it might still contain an M1 chip.

The AppleTLDR take

Apple’s Find My configuration files have unintentionally confirmed that new Macs are on the way. While it’s hard to say for sure which Mac computer each of these models is, it’s clear that Apple is preparing to launch new desktop Macs. Additionally, the rumors about the chip in the new MacBooks have been conflicting. It remains to be seen if Apple still plans to release new M2 Macs this year or if the company will unveil the first M3 Mac at WWDC 2023. We’ll have to wait for WWDC to know for sure.

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