Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 is one of the most anticipated software updates of the year. As we approach its release, there has been a lot of buzz about the new features and changes that it will bring. According to a Weibo post from the same account that correctly leaked the launch of the iPhone 14 in yellow, iOS 17 will include several changes across the Lock Screen, Apple Music, App Library, and Control Center. Although the information shared by the account is not confirmed, it provides some insight into what users can expect from the new update.

Changes in Lock Screen and Apple Music

One of the most exciting changes that iOS 17 will bring is even more customizations for the Lock Screen. The Weibo post suggests that the Lock Screen will have font size options, and users will be able to share custom Lock Screen designs with other iPhone users. Furthermore, Apple Music lyrics can be viewed on the Lock Screen, and the app will also feature design changes with a simplified interface. These changes will significantly enhance the user experience, making it more convenient to use the lock screen features and access song lyrics.

Apple first provided a new, more customizable lock screen experience in iOS 16. Image courtesy of Apple.

Changes in App Library and Control Center

Another significant change that iOS 17 will bring is the ability to manually rename folders in the app library. This feature will prove useful for those who want to keep their folders organized and better suited to their needs. Additionally, Control Center will see design changes, including a flashlight brightness slider that can be freely adjusted, similar to the volume slider. These changes will make it easier for users to personalize their settings and make the most out of their iOS devices.

Major Health Features

iOS 17 will also have a major focus on health and well-being. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the update will introduce a feature for tracking mood and bring the Health app to the iPad for the first time for instance.

Bringing the Health App to iPad

Apple’s Health app is currently available only on the iPhone, but with the launch of iOS 17, it is set to make its way to the iPad. This would provide a great way to view your health data on the large iPad canvas. For instance, you would be able to see detailed ECGs, blood test results, heart rate data, and more. The benefits are twofold. It’ll be a great user experience thanks to the larger display size of the iPad. But tablets are regularly used in medical facilities such as hospitals.

Apple added major health features in iOS 15 including data sharing. iOS 17 will take this further still. Image via Apple.

Mood Tracking Function

Apple intends to bring mood tracking to iOS 17. The mood-tracking function will enable users to keep track of their feeling and emotions and will include daily prompts. Apple may also integrate AI to determine a user’s mood through data gathered by the Apple Watch and sensors in your iPhone. For instance, speech patterns, food that you’ve logged, typing patterns, and other data. This is entirely separate from the journalling app rumored just a few days ago.

Future Health Offerings

Apple has several other health-related plans in the pipeline. Next year, Apple will launch its health coaching service. This AI-based service condemned Quartz, will use data from the Apple Watch to encourage users to move more, focus on the quality of their nutrition, and improve sleep quality and hydration levels. It will create tailored coaching programs and make personalized suggestions and Apple could charge a monthly fee.

The AppleTLDR take

The reported changes to iOS 17 will enhance the user experience and improve the functionality of the Lock Screen, Apple Music, App Library, and Control Center. While the accuracy of the Weibo post cannot be confirmed, the expected improvements combined with the new Health features, suggest that Apple is focused on making small but meaningful changes to its operating system. Overall, users can look forward to more convenience and personalization and new ways to monitor their health.

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