Susan Prescott has become a well-known figure in the world of technology due to her role as Vice President of Developer Relations at Apple. In recent years, she has appeared during some of the company’s keynotes. In a recent interview with the independent, Prescott shared insights on the importance of the App Store. She teased new ways to connect with Apple coming in WWDC 2023. Prescott also discussed the App Store’s role in promoting small developers, diversity, and inclusion.

The App Store and Diversity

According to Prescott, the App Store plays a crucial role in promoting small developers and historically underrepresented groups. One particular example is App Store Foundations. It provides emerging developers from such groups with enhanced levels of support and access to resources.

“I’m actually sort of quietly confident a positive for the future that actually it will be normal for girls to go into tech… Because no one’s been trying to solve these problems for a really long time.”

Susan Prescott
Apple VP Susan Prescott presenting at WWDC 2015.

The co-founder of App Luna praised the App Store for shining a spotlight on smaller, independent developers. “It’s the kind of exposure that we could never pay for. I think just having those moments on the App Store, really, really helps.”

Antitrust Concerns and sideloading

Despite the App Store’s positive impact, Apple faces multiple assaults on its business in the form of antitrust lawsuits. When asked about this, Prescott promised that the company would announce “new features and capabilities to connect with Apple and get answers” at WWDC 2023 without providing specific details. It may be a stretch, but it seems that Prescott may have been hinting at sideloading capabilities.

The Future of App Distribution

New legislation in Europe may require Apple to allow developers to distribute apps outside of the App Store (sideloading). According to rumours, Apple might announce this change, known as sideloading, starting with iOS 17 later this year – but only for European countries. This change could have a significant impact on the App Store’s future, but Apple has yet to make an official announcement.

MicroLED coming to Apple Watch Ultra

Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple Watch Ultra featuring a microLED display. As first shared by Macrumors and according to display analyst, Ross Young, the device won’t launch until the second half of 2025. This means that rumours of a 2024 launch may be outdated. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has confirmed Apple’s work on a microLED Apple Watch, and the device is expected to be the first Apple device to adopt a microLED display.

The current iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra features an OLED display.

Not shipping until 2025

Ross Young believes that the product has been delayed, or as he described “pushed out” to 2025. This means that Apple may have shifted its timeline since earlier this year when Young gave a more vague 2025 release timeline. Apple’s release dates often get pushed back due to delays in design, component sourcing, manufacturing, and more.

MicroLED Display Technology

MicroLED technology is the next big thing when it comes to displays. The technology is expected to replace OLED displays in the future as it is more power-efficient and has a longer lifespan. Apple has been working on the technology for years and is planning to bring it to the iPhone and other devices in the future. The microLED display will improve battery life and offer better colour accuracy, higher brightness, and contrast ratios.

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