The upcoming version of iOS, iOS 17, is expected to bring some updates to the Wallet and Health apps. Recently, a leaker known as @analyst941 shared some mockups of what these updates may look like. These mockups show a new design for the Wallet app and a card-style interface for the “Favorites” section in the Health app. However, it’s important to take these mockups with a grain of salt since the leaker is relatively new and may not have a reliable track record. In addition to these mockups, there are other reliable rumours suggesting that Apple is working on updates for these apps.

Wallet App Updates

According to the leaked mockup, the Wallet app will have a navigation bar at the bottom that separates the different functions available in the app. This includes Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, Orders, and a Passes & More tab. Additionally, there will be a built-in search feature accessed via a swipe-down gesture. There’s also a Transactions button. Combined this should make it easier to find specific items, cards and passes. This new design would be a functional improvement compared to the current Wallet app design, especially considering the many functions the Wallet app now serves in addition to storing credit and debit cards.

Image via @analyst941 on Twitter.

Health App Updates

The Health app is also expected to receive some updates in iOS 17. According to the leaked mockup, Favourites is getting a card-style interface. The cards will offer granular data such as charts, trends and more. It’s important to note that these mockups are not confirmed, and the reliability of the leaker is still in question. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has confirmed that Apple is working on updates for the Health app, such as an expansion to the iPad and a mood-tracking feature.

Image via @analyst941 on Twitter

Wallpaper Picker

Finally, according to the leaker, the wallpaper picker in iOS 17 is getting a complete overhaul. The new design will include a grid view that displays 9 wallpapers at once and you’ll be able to quickly delete wallpapers within the grid view. You’ll also be able to change the order of wallpapers in the grid view. Wallpapers will also be sharable and can be duplicated through swipe-up gestures.

Image via @analyst941 on Twitter

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